Which of these integrated amps are warm sounding?

My system consists of an Atoll IN100, Totem Hawk speakers, a Vecteur cd player and a Cambridge Audio CXN streamer. My speakers are hard to drive.  I am happy with the sound but would like something warmer and more detailed.
These are the amps that I am able to demo in my area.

Atoll IN300
Cary SI300 2D
Hegel H190
Unison Research Hybrid Due 

I do not want to buy used on Audiogon as I want to demo these units. Also I do not want to go to tubes.

If anyone has experience with these amps or amps from the same manufacturer I would appreciate your feedback including what you think the house sound is for these amps.

I would have to say since you can demo the amps don't solicit opinions walk in and audition with an open mind and use your ears. Also you have an Atoll integrated and there is another model on the list, do you think it will sound warmer than what you have now? Your system looks well balanced and put together if possible try and arrange in home demos I know that can be hard but perhaps easier with smaller integrateds.
you would think the unison could be made warm with your choice of tubes.