Which of These Budget SS Preamps?

Hi all,
I am trying to help my friend find a good solid-state budget preamp. His system consists of a Parasound HCA-3500 power amp, Sony SCD-XA9000ES CD/SACD player, Paradigm Reference Studio 100v.2 speakers, and Signal Cable speaker cables, interconnects, and power cords.
Above all, he wants outstanding top-end extension, transparency, outstanding detail, speed, focus, and great bass.
I do not know anything about budget preamps.
His current list consists of:
Adcom GFP-750
Marsh P2000B
Parasound Halo P-3
Parasound P/LD-2000
PS Audio
Rotel RC-1090
Which of the above would best fit the above criteria that I named?
To those who have compared some of these preamps to one another, what are the sonic differences between them?
Thank you all so much for your help!
Unless you've already tried a tube preamp now may be a good time to check on out. An Audio Research is what I'd recommend. You may find out you love it. Tube pre's need only tube changes every couple of years, other than that they're turnkey and tubes aren't expensive. If you buy a used one and decide you don't like it you lose little or nothing. If you find you are amazed, like many of us, that you hadn't tried one before then welcome to the club.
Modwright SWL 9, hybrid linestage. $1400. right now, will go up a couple of hundred soon. Sound quality far beyond its price point.
A Parasound pre amp would obviously match perfectly with his Parasound power amp but, the ARC LS3 is the only other piece I would cosider. Go for the LS3.