Which of these 4 Phono Pre you'dl choose?

Hi to all the forum members,

I'm looking for a new phono preamp to upgrade my system. The only one that I had was the first version of ASR MiniBasis, a very good preamp, but compared to the settings and the improvements of the Exclusive model the first version it's so far behind. I have watched, but no listened, other three more expensive models (at least here in Spain) but I don't have sound reference. I would like if you can give me an opinion of these models:

- ASR MiniBasis Exclusive
- LehmannAudio Decade
- Avid Pulsus
- Nagra BPS

All are factory new and their prices range from $1500 (MiniBasis) to $2300 (Nagra)

Please tell me your reviews!

Thanks in advance
Musical Surroundings NOVA preamp will kill most on your list...and for only $1200. It uses a battery for super quiet back round.
Among them, it is Avid Pulsus.

Or you should look at the Pro-ject RS phono stage. Seriously top class stuff, fully balanced, dual mono phono stage.
I had the Musical Surroundings Nova a few years ago and I must agree it is an outstanding unit and dead quiet. I upgraded to ASR Exclusive, and yes it does bring more to the table, but it should for the price difference! I don't think you can go wrong with the Nova. I see them pop up here every once and awhile in the five to six hundred dollar range. A real deal at that price.
Hi Itsalldark,
have you upgraded to ASR Basis or MiniBasis Exclusive? here The nova it's $100 expensive that the MiniBasis Exclusive (with powercord and AD843SQ).
Markus, thanks you for your post, but Herron it's $2000 more than any preamp on my budget list.
Pro-ject Phono Box RS Reference for $999.00 will give all listed a run for their money. It's a more than capable phono pre with almost infinite options.
The Nova Phonomena is dead quiet even on AC. However, the battery pack doesn't last very long and don't expect any email response from Yee when you try to order the battery kit replacement advertised on his site. Other than covering up the blinking red light with tape because the batteries will no longer hold a change, I don't intend to replace it anytime soon. But I wouldn't buy anything else from them again. Fair warning!
I would have to agree that the Herron VTPH-2 is the choice at any price point. That said, Herron does take VTPH-1 units in on trade. IMO, a used VTPH-1 in your price range is the very best bang for the buck and still an excellent choice in most price ranges. A call to Keith Herron (www.herronaudio.com) is the only way to find out if he has any and the price.

update: i was able to get a new battery pack for the Novo Phonomena through a dealer. all is well with that phonostage now!