which of these 2 subs?

Factoring in bang for the buck, sound, reviews, and cost I have narrowed down my choice of 2 Model subs... Problem is not sure which is best for me. May I list my current audio set up below and get some feedback on which subwoofer of the 2 or perhaps an alternate option at same cost that would be better?

(I must mention that although I have 5 active speakers, that I have zero interest in Movie or surround sound.) I have 5 active speakers in Stereo mode only because "just IMO" For strictly SACD, CD, and my Pandora I like the sound of multiple speakers. (Most music Audiophiles would call that foolish.)

SETUP: 2 Kliptch RF-7 Reference Floor speakers.
2 Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 65 Speakers.
1 Definitive Technology Pro Center 2000 Speaker.
1 Emotiva XPA-5 Integrated Amp.
1 Oppo BDP-103 Universal Player.
1 Emotiva UMC-200 7.1 channel Pre-amp.

(Yes, I know my system sucks from an Audiophile standpoint.)
I keep all this forward facing to reduce any surround effect.

I'm absent a badly needed subwoofer. Seriously ready to pull the trigger on one of these 2 Subs, but not 100% positive: POWER SOUND AUDIO-XS15se or the XV15se.

My goal: stiff, tight bass that delivers a hard punch you can feel in your chest. My living room is only moderate in size. I already have plenty of high tone, great Mid-Range, but a bit lacking in that hard rock bass punch.

Are the above Subs a good choice? If so which one for the fast hard punch I want? Another sub idea? I'm all ears.
problem is I'm not among the wealthy so must be below $800 on Subwoofer.

Sorry all the info, but if I fail to provide it then you guys can not give accurate advice.

For under $800 in my opinion no one beats either Hsu Research or SVS for quality and price.
I don't know Power Sound, at all, but I use Rythmik subs which would be another good choice IMO. Per Tgrisham, both HSU and SVS have an excellent reputation, as well.

As a side note, whichever sub you choose, your goal will require a x-over point higher than many 'philes choose. The tight thump from a kick drum (I assume that's a fair bit of what you're after) is centered around 50 - 60 hz, so you'll want to cross the subs in comfortably above that point. I'd recommend 80 hz to start.
doesn't matter...... I have a small Outlaw Audio Sub placed in a corner of a VERY large room with a very high ceiling.....kikz azzzzzzzzzz

Both of the above posts suggest excellent sub companies in SVS, Rythmik, and Hsu, and I would place Power Sound Audio in that same company. Your best bet is to get on the PSA website and email Tom V there - he will be able to suggest the best sub in their lineup based on room size, music preference, and required "punch" needed. ( Disclaimer: I own a PSA XV-15 ( not se version) and love it for both music and HT.)Customer service with PSA is excellent, and many customers on various AV forums have sung the praises of Tom when selecting their subs at Power Sound..........
I have a REL Strata III, sounds great, easy to integrate. You can pick them up used for $500 or less in nice condition. I'm sure your other picks are great too, I just don't have any experience with them. But if a REL pops up on your radar, don't be afraid to give it a look.

look no further than REL. Simply put, the best in the market- everything else is junk. Keep us posted and HappyListening!
Thanks for the Advice... I will keep in mind the 80hz as a good starting point. I wouldn't have to ask such questions if I lived in a Large city, but where I'm at there are no brick and mortar retailer's that specialize in select home audio. Got a Best Buy with a sound room, but they only have the low end, run of the mill audio.

From what I've discovered is that Power Sound Audio is a fairly new company. At one time they were somehow connected with SVS. The little I have found about them has been very favorable.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that prior to getting my first SACD that I did not know this format would not work using the Dolby optical connection from my Oppo player to pre-amp. Took me a few to figure that out. I've no DAC so strictly Analog from now on. Although I'm still not sure the tech reasons why SACD will not play using digital.
FWIW, I replaced a Rel Storm III I had for 3 years (so got to know it well) with two Rythmik 12" and haven't looked back. The Rel is good, but two Rythmiks cost less than one Rel and easily best it.
You may also want to peak at the subwoofer test results at HTshack.com

They measure for bass extension, clean output capability, and "tightness" (group delay). It's interesting and educational. SVS, Rythmik, and HSU all test very well, particularly for the price. Many better known brands fare much less impressively. In some cases, newer models may render some of the results less useful, so I'd look for models that either current or substantially similar to current models.

These test results may not be a perfect predictor of subwoofer performance in your system in your room, but in my (necessarily limited) experience, it's pretty reliable.
I second the Rythmik recommendation. I prefer the sound of sealed subs over ported designs. I have two 15" Rythmik subs in my HT set-up. They're fast articulate and when set-up in combination will move the entire house. Great for music and movies.
And I will second Martykl's suggestion to look at measurements at HTShack forum. This guy Ikka (if I recall his ID) measured many many subs with an open mind, in a repeatable way, and found interesting results.