Which Of The Following CD Players Are The Warmest?

Would very much like to know which of the following single box CD Players you have found from your listening experience to have the most warmth, but yet maintain strong clarity and imaging:

1) Audiomeca Keops
2) Cary 303
3) Resolution Audio CD55
4) Theta Miles
5) Wadia 830
6) YBA CD3

*Your feedback is appreciated. I need to limit the choices to those CD Players which I can purchase used and for under $1,800.

Thank you.
You can use a "Cat Test"
Place a cat on any of the players (while they're on) that you want to try and if the cat will sleep on it than it's the worm one.:)
I saw it myself in the dealer's demo room with newest Jolida player meaning that I assume that tubes are wormer.
Im searching also. I would think you could add the Rega Jupiter to the list. Although I have never heard one the reviews seem to give this impression.
For less than 1k new take a look at the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000. It's a highly massaged Marantz (now has some tubes) from some fellows in the Netherlands and has been well reviewed.
Havin heard 3 of them on your list,I would say the Audiomeca is probably the most natural"warm" sounding.
I must say I owned a Theta Miles and that cd player was so smooth and transparent It was 2,800 for the balanced version and I put it up against much more exspensive peices and the theta just sounded better. Plus it has an analog volume control which is great. You can run it directly to your amplifier and you wont lose any bits of info. Well I had sold it to upgrade to a Levinson 39 cd player. I put the 830 and the theta side by side and the theta was warmer and more open sounding and the 830 is a very good player. All I can Say Is let your ears be the judge. Good Luck
Especially when you have owned and lived with any of the above components, your input is very hepful in narrowing down the choices. Appreciated. Keep them coming. Thanks.
I have an ARC CD-2 that sounds great that i bought for right at $1800. Probably would go for less now that the CD-3 is out. Definitely warmer than the Wadia. I really wanted a wadia 860 but couldn't swing the cash so i settleed for the ARC. The ARC hasn't left me wanting in the long run, try one.
I recently purchased an Arcam FMJ CD3 for $1639.00 It has the DCS Ring DAC. I suggest you do a search for "DCS Ring" and read up on it. Very interesting. Upgrading to this CD Player reignited my interest in HiFi.