Which of the Audiogon advertised interconnects?

I'm looking to replace Kimber silver-streak interconnects between my Denon receiver and sunfire amp and looking for recommendations. I was going to go with one of the interconnects that are frequently sold on auction at Audiogon. A few of the options are Signal cable, Audio Metallurgy GA0, Aural thrills, Bogdan audio Goldy, Black mountain cable Peak Interconnects and others.

I'm looking for a replacement cable that is detailed but not overly bright (which I find the kimber silver to be). Which of these would you go for?

Reciever - Denon AVR-988
AMP - Sunfire Cinema 2
Speakers: Paradigm Studio 100/center
I have got very good results with Signal Cable. Highly Recommended.
I replaced all of my mega expensive Cardas collection of cables on my 2 channel rig with Black Mountain Cable and couldn't be happier.

I use Signal Cable on my Home Theater set-up and it's excellent as well.
I can't speak for all of them you list, but what I heard with the MAC Palladious I liked a lot.

Watch as the list of favorites grows to include every interconnect brand advertised on Audiogon.

When it comes to wire, you cannot rely on any opinion other than your own.

Buy a pair of a few brands that offer in-home trials or a 30 day return privilege, and compare them for yourself. There is no other way to determine which interconnect will be satisfactory to you.
Try the Audio Metallurgy GA-0..........30 day money back guarantee even on auction pricing. Smooth, smooth, smooth, but with plenty of detail, a big soundstage and punchy deep bass. I find them much more neutral than the MAC Palladium or the Signal IC.

Good Luck.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am thinking of trying the GA-0's based on reviews.
A couple more names come to mind, Ridge Street and Morrow. Anyone any opinions on them. I use Ridge Street power cables and like them a lot. Morrow have 60 day audition and 50% off at the moment, very tempting
I have had the GA-0's, Signal cable silver, Reality cable, Vintage Audio Labs, Blue Jean, Anti-Cables, just to name a few. After listening to the Morrow SP3 and SP4 speaker cables I think the MA3 or MA4 could be worth an audition. Out of the ic's that I have had the GA-0 is the smoothest but maybe not the most musical or open. More of a laid back sound with nice deep bass. I imagine that the Morrow MA3 or MA4 would throw a very big stage with nice smooth details like the speaker cables do. See if you can audition a few. LARMV (Like Always Results May Vary)
I ended up picking up a few pair of GA-0's and although they made a considerable difference in sound quality, I still find the high's from the Sunfire abit too sharp on my studio 100 v2's. I am going to try swapping out the amp for a b&k which I've read is a better match for the Paradigm's.
There is a lot more than just the amp than can cause the brittle highs. You could try a good isolation transformer down the road. Maybe the hospital grade Tripp Lite. Even if you have dedicated lines you can still have a lot of emi/rfi irritating the components. It is a magical mystery tour when it comes to cabling. A well shielded power cord on the cdp can reduce the sandpaper sound but at the same time can congest or comprimise detail. For the money the iso tranny is a pretty good way to go. They are better than some of the power condtioners out there and still give you the surge protection.

I agree with JP1208 and David12... both Ridge Street Audio and Morrow Audio (imho) would be excellent cabling to start because of the quality and money-back (if not satisfied) listening period both mfgrs offer. In addition, both Robert (RSA) and Mike (MA) are excellent people all the way around.

With both cables give them the essential and appropriate burn-in time to realize the full potential of these cables. An Hagerman Frycleaner will speed up that process. Hagerman burn-in devices are the way to go (imho) when buying new cables or realizing the most from your existing cables.

:) listening,