which not too expensive amp for Maggie 1.7 ?

a friend with limited budget wants to buy the Maggie 1,7

which amp do you recommend ?

either go on the used market and look for an old jeff Rowland or Krell ?
or buy something new ... class D for example ?

Innersound ESL-300, supported by the designer, Roger Sanders at Sanders Sound Systems. Sounds great, 600WPC @ 4 ohms.

Used, arount $1600.
There is an Adcom GFA5500 on Audiogon now.
This amp is a great match.
$600.00. Buy any one with the detachable power cord.
Odyssey Stratos. Maggies crave two things; solid current and damping factor. 45 amps current delivery for the stock Stratos amp will do it, more is better. And the panels need high damping factor to control them. The stock Statos is >500. This mostly controls the bass so it's quick and not mushy. Maggies are very different creatures when it comes to amplification.
The most bang for the buck, and a good match for all but the largest room would be the NAD that sells new for $1,200. There has been at least one for sale in the past few weeks for under $1,000.
You don't say what his 'limited budget' is.

The 1.7 is one heck of a speaker. Also given is that there are some highly recommendeded requiements for it such as:

1. it needs a fairly large room so that it can breathe
2. it needs good clean power and current to make it breathe well.

If your friend watches the Audiogon ads, I'd recommend a Spectron Musician III Mk2 (Class D) amp. They usually sell for less than $3,000.00 used.

Would go with the Wyred amps. Just heard the 1.7s again with a NAD amp, way too grainy.
I agree, I really like my Wyred 4 Sound monoblocks, they can really drive my 1.6's and sound very good.
I am also on the Wyred bandwagon, the 500sx monos drive my 1.6s with ease. They do not come up for sale used too often and rightfully so, they are great amps. If you keep a lookout one can pick up a pair for 1k you just have to be paitent. With my amp and preamp combo I get ear splitting volume with the dial at 12 o'clock on my pre.
The Ice H2O S-100 amp is made to drive speakers like the Maggie's. Don't know if $1995 NEW is in your budget!!
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thanks a lot everybody !

I had a first look to the Wyred...
the STI 1000 would permit to save money (2 power cables + 1 interconnect less)

any other suggestion ?