Which NORDOST Cables?

I want to outfit my whole system with Nordost, but looking for the most INEXPENSIVE I can get for their line that would provide me with the best bass and dynamics. Any suggestions? Thanks
why must it be Nordost? their are many significantly less expensive alternatives. However, if you want to impress others with how much you spent then Nordost is a good place to go. Other posters are going to ask you what equipment you use. Spending dough on the cabling is the last touch after you get your power system and room acoustics together.
I recently had a Nordost demo case to evaluate (for 6 weeks). It had the blue havens through the Frey's. Personally I did not care for the ic's at all and the power cables at best were OK in my system. I currently have fusion audio ic's and power cords. Now for speaker cables. I would have to say they all sounded good but if I make a short summary starting with the blue haven they were the brightest (not harsh) of all the cables I demoed. As you move up the line I found a little more detail and air between the vocals and instruments. I also noticed an improved decay as I moved up the line. I noticed very little improvement in the bass or dynamics through the line. At the same time I also demoed the jps superconductor3. I felt the jps had better dynamics and bass EXCEPT for the very lowest of bass notes. I my opinion the jps distorted the bass slightly but only in the lowest of bass notes. I did buy the frey's.

Some will say (with my first initial reaction I agree) that Nordost cables sound 'thin'. But the added 'air' and tonal neutrality is why I chose the Frey's. Now I mostly listen to jazz and rock and to me I found the Frey's more to my liking. With heavy metal and hard rock I prefered the jps.

So before plunging into the Nordost line try to get some demo cables and see if they are a good match for your system with the type of music you listen to the most.
Concur, it's a strange question. Why is the OP fixated on Nordost? What's the system, budget, etc.?
Don't box yourself in with Nordost. They can be very sterile with some systems. However, if you are so fixated, go to thier web site which will give you all of their hype on each cable.
I'll answer the question. I like the Norse line and think the Heimdall is at a nice level because it comes with the WBT nextgen (Baldur does not) and has twice as many more conductors as Baldur. Heimdall is about $200 more for a 1 meter interconnect. I think nextgens make a big improvement. Despite what folks think the Norse line is not thin, bright, cold or whatever is said. If they do then the system sounds that way. I know that these cables need break in and suggest you purchase from a Nordost Vidar dealer who can cook them. You will be rewarded with a very open, transparent, tonally balanced and natural sound. As you move up the line you get more. Frey is another destination (another $200 over Heimdall). Tyr is a big price jump
Wo nelly.....

"looking for the most INEXPENSIVE I can get for their line that would provide me with the best bass and dynamics."

Try NBS....but inexpensive....to get real dynamics...you need a low sound floor....and that's never been inexpensive. But you can build a system on Gon...it just takes time.

Good luck....Wave
IMHO, if you are looking for Nordost and inexpensive then you are looking at the blue heaven. Synergy with the components in the system are a driving factor if they will sound good or not.

I have been testing several different interconnects (Van Den Hul and Ecosse) against my set of blue heaven. Each has their pluses and minuses. I am currently auditioning the Ecosse Conductor and it is very close to the blue heaven.

It all comes down to personal preference and trusting your ears. I do keep going back to the blue heavens as they sound great.
There is no right answer to any cable question. I have power cords made of Oyeida plugs and Accrolink cable. I was recommended to try Furutech F150's with the Accrolink. That got me 2 power cords but with different ends. I tried them on various components - my Ayre K1xe preamp loved the Oyeida plugs, my Ayre V1xe amp loved the Furutech plugs. When I switched their positions, it was definitely a step backward...the other way, it is heaven.
Welcome to the "cable jungle."
I'm currently using a Heimdall IC and the Blue Heaven speaker cable with excellent results. I did not find the Blue Heaven IC to be solid enough sounding, and although I liked the Vishnu power cable it was ultimately a bit much in the top end.

The Heimdall IC and Blue Heaven speaker cables have great bass in my experience.
Dollar for dollar, Black Knight with Super Flatline Gold is the best combo I have ever heard for low price.

I tried 'em out with an 80 watt Acrus amp and some B&W CDM1's and it sounded like a live bar band (was playing Stevie Ray Vaughn) in my apartment.