Which new amp to get?

I’m thinking of getting a new power amp to replace my 25 year old Audio Research VT 130 SE.  My other equipment includes KEF Reference 5 speakers, Audio Research LS 22 preamp, Audio Research PH 3 phono stage,  Innuous Zenith 3 server, and Auralic DAC. My room is about 24 x 18.  I’d like to keep using the Audio Research preamp and phono stage, and I’m leaning towards a solid state amp more because of convenience than for sound. I’ve received several good recommendations from dealers but am getting confused by all the choices.  So far, here are the nominees: Coda 8, Krell duo 175xd, McIntosh mc312, ps audio bhk250.  All are solid state in the $6-7,000 range, which is my price point .   Other suggestions have been Airtight (tubes and expensive) and Audio Research (more tubes and they make the VT80 for $9500.. possibly not enough power..but the next step up is close to $20,000).  I’m open to considering others.  Mainly, I want an amp that’s long lasting and low maintenance, pairs well with my preamp and phono stage, and compliments the KEF speakers, especially their great imaging and sound stage.  I’d appreciate any input and also hearing from those who own some of these components.  Thanks. 
Zesto Audio Bia amp is a great, easy to use (no fuss) tube amp.  Though I know solid state is what you seem to be targeting
Gato audio monoblocks. 
Hegel H590
Luxman 900u
Buy two Benchmark Media AHB2's.Run as monoblocks and enjoy the music.
They didn’t get much press when they came out but maybe look at the Audio Research DS225 or DS450. I have the DS225 paired with a Dac8, LS25Mk2 and a pair of ProAc Response 2.5 and they really shine with that ARC magic.

How about a custom built tube hybrid power amp? All point-to-point wiring, Class A output, V-Caps & Nichicon capacitors, Amtrans and Caddock resistors, AC filter choke, (2) 6SN7 tubes, 1 per channel and (2) 80 type regulator tubes, 1 per channel, bi-polar output transistors? See my system listed here and look for Vu Jade Custom Tube Hybrid Power amplifier.  I can offer you a trial period also.

Happy Listening.