Which network streamer (without dac)

Currently I have the SoTM SMS 200 network streamer (no Ultra, no Neo) and I’m using the iFi Power supply to power it. I run the USB from it into a Schiit Eitr and convert that to S/PDIF and from there into a Chord Qutest.
It’s sounds pretty good. BUTTTTTT, there are updates: Ultras, Neos, LPSs and on and on. OK, I can figure out the natural path for upgrading the SMS 200 to all those things mentioned above.
Before spending ~$2,000 to get the SMS 200 Ultra Neo and a good LPS should I look at other network devices?
I have my eyes on the Auralic Aries G1 - it’s $2,600. But seems very capable. So, it’s more money, but is it worth it or should I do as every other SMS 200 owner has done and go the Ultra Neo LPS route? Lastly, is there anything else in the $2000 to $2500 price range that has better SQ than messing with all the other SMS pieces.
PS. I like the Qutest fed via S/PDIF so, I want to keep that option and I’d love to try TOSLINK, too. Chord designer says optical is the best Qutest input.
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Call Underwood HiFi and the G1 won't be that much more expensive.  It and the Lumin U1 Mini are your best bets for what you are looking for.
Thanks Jack. I had glanced at the Lumin U1 Mini but I'll give it a second look.
After several satisfied years of using a Sonos connect into a high end system (metrum Pavane, ARC reference, etc) I decided to see if I was missing anything.  I bought a G1 planning to return it if I was not impressed.  It is still here.  Quite a large improvement as a streaming only device.  And surprisingly DOES sound a bit better over wi-fi than ethernet, just as Auralic claims.  Also the Auralic Lightning DS streaming ap works even better than Roon (less glitchy) and offers a MQA-like algorithm for MQA music which also sounds great.