which network streamer without DAC?

I've pretty much narrowed it down to three:

Lumin Mini

Sonore UltraRendu

Zen Mini

Leaning towards the Zen Mini.  The advantage with the Zen Mini is that I can upgrade the power supply at a later date.  I want to use the DAC in my MBL corona player (the DAC has upsampling to 96K - no more).  I would like to stream hi-res files thru Qobuz.  Any thoughts?  . 

Have you looked at the capabilities of the Sonare opticalModule. I am learning about this now and it seems like something to understand before buying the units mentioned above.

I am having the Zen Mini together with RME ADI-2 DAC. Works very well.

I use the Zen almost entirely for streaming, but I have a few albums on the disk that are not available on Tidal.

Only complaint is that it is a little slow in starting up. Maybe I should just leave it on always, but I don’t. The blue light is not that nice.

I was contemplating the Project Pre Box as it is MQA enabled.

I run Roon as well, btw.
The Lumin U1 Mini is a wonderful device.  I use a Lumin U1 as my main streamer and it’s a keeper.  Lumin’s support is great, their streamers sound better than anything close to their price and they support Roon, MQA, DSD and they have the best app I have used.