Which Nat King Cole?

I'd like to explore his sound some more. I've already got the S & P Records reissue of "Just One of Those Things" which features string arrangements. Which of his titles are more intimate sets without the strings? Which of these are the best recordings?

got something against strings buddy? Just foolin. There's a great Capital collection of all his hits and more. Might find it on Ebay...best
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Cole never started out singing. He was primarily a pianist in night clubs. That night when the singer feel ill the owner asked Cole to sing. He said Cole, I'm not a singer. The owner told him well then do your best. And the rest is music history.
"After Midnight" is a great Capitol session that has plenty of his outstanding piano work,both smooth and swinging vocals and a great list of "guest" stars.Trumpeter Harry Edison,Violinist Stuff Smith,alto saxophonist Willie Smith and trombonist Juan Tizol take turns with the Cole trio.The Original session has been issued on cd with extra tracks not on the original lp.The vinyl version is out as well.I have the cd,the original lp and the British issue lp with the bonus tracks,so you can guess i like this session.
There are many other good Capitol mid 50's sessions as well,look for the Billy May arranged albums.All these Capitol records have that famous quality sound associated with the Sinatra sessions of the same period.
You want to hear some great singing? Get the several albums Dick Haymes did for Capitol in the 1950's.After you hear those Sinatra will sound like a whiner.
'After Midnight' is the one I own because I listen to mostly Jazz-oriented (and classical) music. Sinatra has his 'Jazzier' recordings too and I like them as well.
For best music I prefer "Live at the Circle Room", recorded 1946, though sound quality is not good. But the music is so good I can't help myself.

I mean, with lyrics like, "Honey let bygones, be bygones; or I'll punch a hole in your nylons", what's not to like?
Thanks everyone. Which of the high quality reissues are small jazz combo sessions without strings? I don't want the new box set because I already have one of the LP's contained within. Thanks.
No strings in "Live at the Circle Room", but not a "high" quality reissue.
I have gone back through my collection of Nat King Cole CDs and LPs this week. I concur “After Midnight” is really good. I assume by no strings you mean no violins because “After Midnight” has a string bass playing in the back ground. For Christmas time Nat’s “The Christmas Song” is also very good. I also have “Unforgettable”, “Collectors Series”, “Lush Life”, “Vol 1” and “Ramblin’ Rose”. They all have strings but I also like “Ramblin’ Rose” on LP in spite of strings.
Thanks, folks. I'll give "After Midnight" a whirl.
Got to hear "After Midnight" on a friends system last night. Really outstanding recording!