Which Nakamichi to choose?

I have the opportunity to get a very good Nak Cassettedeck 1 or a DR-2. Which one would you choose? And why?
Thanks for giving a newbie some valuable advice.
I have heard most of the pre Dragon Nak’s and prefer the Nak 600 MK II.

Simple "focused field" head design that can not be beat. Response to 20kHz.

The most warm and realistic Nak cassette deck IMO.
Right now after some serious a/b testing of my 582 vs bx300 I will have to say the new kid on the block to me (bx300) has slightly edged out the 582.
At least on playback of pre recorded tapes.

However both are very impressive with great frequency response from top to bottom.
This Willy Hermannized ZX-9 sounds better than the non Hermannized DR-2 I have but both sound nice.  The ZX-9, though, is in another realm.   A hard one to find but it's going to go up in price.  The DR-2 I paid 300 for I saw a parts machine for 300.