Which Naim CDP

I've been looking for a used Naim CDX recently with no luck. NANA has a "B-stock" item in the upper $2K range which comes with 1 yr warranty. As I've scanned a'gon, a used CDX2 will go for about $3100 and a used CDS a few hundred additional. I am seeking opions regarding the value of waiting to amass the extra funds to move up the Naim quality line vs. getting the CDX now. Is the difference worth the wait? The rest of my system is Naim and I love their products. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I dont know if you are aware but Naim recently came out with the CD5x which supposedly comes close to a CDX2. This might make CDX owners who find a CDX2 too expensive opt for the CD5X and sell their CDXs. Time will tell.
Since Naim is revamping their line, is a CDX3 in the wings?
I hope so so I can get a good deal on a used CDX2.
BTW, I belive a CD5X will go for $2999.
Go here:

cdx is a huge upgrade over cd3.5. cdx2 better but not much
than cdx. xps takes both to higher level.