Which NAD amp??

I have a NAD C160 preamp and would like to match it to one of the following NAD amps. The speakers are mirage M7si I have heard the integrated version 370 and 372 and thought the 370 was very open but not very rich and with the 372 I felt like I was looking at the floor all the time On the other hand I know the integrateds do not sound like the sperates here are the amps I have heard it said that the 214 and 216 are amoong the best they have made sound wise. I am not concerned about power but musicality.

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Used a 214 for a number of years pushing B&W and Magnepan speakers and always thought it sounded terrific. A bit light on power for the Maggies (1.6s) but then I also had a Vandersteen sub so was not consuming amp power for bass below about 50 hz. Worked great.
I have not heard all of the models but I have had the C370 and C372 (equivalent power amp to the C270 and C272) and I can honestly say that the 216 (which I still have) is a much better sounding amp. The only issue with the 216 (and I assume other models in the series) is that they are equipped with a rather cheap output speaker relay, which will need to be replaced or refurbished. Aside from that, the build quality is fantastic and so is the audio quality.
I only know the old school amps and always preferred the 2600A over all the same era amps.
Did you compare the 370 and 372 amp sections to the 216? In other words bypass the preamp section Having said that I did pick up a 216 and based on the 370 and 372 I had I think it is better FYI The 216 power amp is 7lbs more then the 270 or 272. Also I have a 317 that does work but has issues It is the 214 power amp. In comparing the 214 to the 216 the 214 and a cleaner more sharply focused the sound The 216 is more thich and almost tube like in dimension. The beatup 2400 I picked ups sounds more transpatrent but not as refinned as either of the other two. I do not have a 2600A but would guess it is smoother and more full
See my question on preamps
Geph0007 wrote "Did you compare the 370 and 372 amp sections to the 216?"

Unfortunately I did not have them all at the same time. I did test the 370 and 372 directly as power amps, and I can still recall the disappointment. The 370 and 372 are built nicely, but they just seem to lack dynamics and realism compared to what I am hearing from the 216. Synergy will always play a role and in a different system I suppose the results would be different.