Which N AD?? or maybe Marantz

Need to decide on one of the following. Has anyone owned and compared any of these to each other?. Of real interest is the Marantz PM 7000 v NAD 317. Then the NAD 317 to the 7600.

Marantz PM 7000 and ST 6000 tuner $200
NAD 317 412 tuner and 515 player $300
NAD 7600 Monitor series receiver $325

I understand the power and feature differences. My concern is sound which i understand will vary from system to system and person to person. I have heard or owned them at one time or another BUT system has changed so any other thoughts on how this items would compare to each other would help as it was a while ago and the days of getting several items together to compare are over.

Speakers are Polk SDA2Bs AP oval 9 and Solo Crystal oval and Marantz DV 7000 SACD player

Marantz PM 7000 As I remember was kind of dark and not much HF extention . Felt like I was looking at the floor.

NAD 317 Very clear and clean sound. Focused

NAD 7600 Had one of these from 1995 to 2001 then went to Rotel. When I listened to my brothers 7600 in 2002 it sounded kind of veiled and overly warm.

The 7600 seems to get mixed review soundwise. Some say great others think it is dull. Thoughts??
Any thoughts on this?? Thanks
Looks like it is down to the NAD 317 or marantz PM 7000

I don't mean to sound like Mr. Smartypants, but if it's between "very clear and clean--focused" versus "kind of dark and not much HF extension" then perhaps you've answered your own question(?)

Good luck with your decision.
I used to own the 317 and I loved that integrated big time. I've never heard a Marantz. The 317 with B&W DM602's was a dream with rock music. I passed the 317 off to my son who loves it as much as I did.
I have a NAD 315bee integrated and a marantz pm8004.
The Marantz, at first, does not feel as powerful and exciting (dynamic range, bass impact..) as the NAD. However, after further listening, the marantz is definetely in a different class: better imaging, wonderful "liquid" midrange, nicely controlled bass, less incisive on top.
The NAD gives a good first impression with a sound that feels powerful. But it gets loud, not powerful, ver quickly. It is a terrific integrated for the money, but the marantz is definitely a step above, with both my Rega rs5 and psb image t5.
For action movies, I like the Nad + psb just for the explosions... but for the rest (talk shows, music, etc...), the marantz + rega combo is far far better.
That would not surprise me as the 8004 is $1000 amp and the 315 is around $300 and you are right about the nAD being great bang for the buck

The 317 was made 1995-1998 and sold for $749
The marantz was made 2000-?? and sold for $449

For the T man, the speakers cables ansd source have changed so my imprssions may? be out the window.