Which Music CD-R is the best

I have been told that there are sonic differences between CD-R brands. Does anyone have a favorite that they use. I have a new Pioneer single tray burner and have been using Maxell Music CD-R's, they only cost about $1 each at Best Buy.
Take a look here--
I perceive no audible differences if any exist at all. The main issue for me is media reliability. My burner (yamaha stand alone) makes coasters out of the blue memorex CDR's about 75% of the time. All other brands work fine 99% of the time. Lately, I use some low rent CDR's branded as "GQ" which stands for "Great Quality" (translated from chinese) and cost about 25 cents ea. including the jewel cases. They work fine.
Consensus seems to be to stay away from Taiwanese discs and to go with the Japanese or U.S. manufactured ones. Ramstl pointed out that Office Max has Fuji (manufactured by TDK) for about 12-14 bucks for a pack of 10. He recommends these for long-term reliability. They work perfectly in my machine, whereas the lesser ones wouldn't initialize about 25% of the time.
I am using Memorex CD-R 80 Digital Audio Recordable discs $20 for a 30 set (Office Max) and Maxell CD-R 74 Digital Audio Recordable (that are usually expensive, but a manager at a local store sold me 10 for $1 each). Both work well with a Pioneer PDR/W839. There are other threads on the subject if you do a search under "CDR", "CDR's". I have only burned 5 discs or so and am still experimenting with A/D (tape to CD) recording. The digital to digital copies that I made sounded the same as the original to me.