Which? Muse model 100 amp or Acurus DIA100 integrated?

Which one would sound best with Theta Miles cd player and NHT VT-1.2 speakers? Speaker cable and interconnects is Mogami custom by 10 Audio. I would use the Miles direct with the Muse, and the Acurus is an integrated. Heard great things about both pieces; just looking for opinions on which would be best together with my other gear.

"03-02-15: Gslone
The Muse for sure, but Acurus has made a come back recently with some nice looking stuff, so it may be worth checking into."

I thought they went out of business a long time ago. Even though I prefer the Muse, Acurus is a very interesting company. They're focus was to build the most affordable, entry level high end gear, but still keep it made in the US.
To follow up from your 1st post-- the Muse 100 according to the Stereophile review, for 1 channel driven hit 145 watts at 8-ohms and 240 at 4------ but perhaps most importantly-- 45 amps peak-- so it's a little power house.
I hade muse 160 monos.
They were o.k., but were just a little bit 'too' smooth for my tastes.
I prefer a sharper image and tighter bass.
I personally would go for the Acurus; great little piece.