Which Mundorf for my tubes?

Got a pair of Antique Sound Wave AV-8 monoblocks to build an entry level tube set.Nice sound for the price.
I'm trying now to change caps to improve them,and decided to try Mundorf as Auricaps are not availiable here in Argentine.
A dealer has in stock the Supremes and the Supremes Silver Gold.In a month he'll receive the Supremes Silver Oil,so I'm a bit confused about which will best suit my needs.Is the extra cost of the latter two worth for this system?Which would you choose in my place?
I listen mostly jazz at moderate levels in a small/medium room with monitors 92 db efficient.
Thanks in advance for your help
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Don't you know the rule of "more expensive and harder to get" is always the right way to go if you are an "audiophile". Precious metals, diamonds, exotic ancient woods are always the thing to do. Especially if each of the caps is made in a very laborious way, by hand, and only by little Women with small hands.
The only exception are the true heavy metals on the periodic element chart. They can cause problems like Leukemia or at least a bad sunburn like area of your skin and sloughed off mucus membranes.
Except the Cobalt in Alnico speaker magnets it's particle emmisions are too diffuse to cause harm and is no more radioactive, than a regular sidewalk. No- sidewalks are not dangerous. Some Cobalt however is very dangerous, don't buy anything that says enriched except breakfast cereal.
Palladium, Platinum Irridium, Gold and Silver must be in the mix somewhere. And in truth Silver really is a superb conductor.
My personal preference is for the Silver Oil, but I have seen a folks who prefer the Silver Gold.

I don't think you will be making a mistake either way. Just be sure you have enough space, the Mundorf caps are a bit bigger than average (I use the term average loosely)

Another cap I like that is less expensive and a little smaller than the Mundorf is Dynamicap.

Would have to agree with Pauly. The Mundorfs are are very good caps, if not the best.
Have been replacing all my Auricaps with Mundorf Golds or Silver. The Mundorf Supreme is about comparable to the Auricaps. Have replaced all my Dynamicaps with Mundorfs also. They can be a little zippy in some cases.
Replaced the caps in my Modwright pre with Mundorfs and they walked all over the Vcaps they replaced.
The Mundorf Gold is a good step up from the Siver if the quality of the equiptment is high. As Pauly said before, some of the Mundorfs are large and some Golds are huge.
A good source is Soniccraft which will also give you the measurements to determine if they will fit.
Get a look to my previous tread .....
Walk all over V-caps?
Give me a break.

An often overlooked cap is the Mundorf ZN "improved version". One of the more neutral caps on the market.
Just put Mundorf MCap Supreme Silver/Oil in my BAT VK5i, and let me tell you, they floored me. Not fully broken in, but they allow such an open urestrictive view into the music I could hardly believe it was possible. Insert all your favorite audiophile terms, the preamp flat out sings. They really are "juicy"
The walk all over the Vcaps is the quote from the Vcap dealer that installed my Mundorfs. But, I'm sure you have much more knowledge on the subject.
Also the choice of hi-end companies at the 2007 RMAF. But I'm only quotig them.
I had the Auricaps in the output stages of my Exemplar 2900 CD player and deHavilland Mercury II preamp replaced with Mundorf Silver/Oil caps. The results have been stunning. I bought them from Sonicraft. I wanted to try the V-Cap TFT caps, but they are just to expensive. Enjoy!
TFTF V-Caps are the best I have heard, but they are very very costly. I think the V-Caps will cost more than your AV-8s. Chris has released some 300v rated caps which are more affordable, but cheap they are not

If cost is a factor, Mundorf Silver and oil is good value for your money with very good performance - good value in the lala land of audiophiles of course :-)

Magnum, did you not like your Dynamicaps? I seem to be the only person on the BB that likes Dynamicaps.

Which v-caps was he refering to: oimp or tftf?
V-cap doesn't use dealers.
Dpac996, what was the brand of caps in your BAT before you upgraded to Mundorf's?
Paul, I put Dynamicaps in my Alon's (going to the tweeter) and love the sound. It was a huge improvement over the stock Solens. I'd like to try a pair of Mundorfs Silver/Oil. -Mark
I'm not 100% sure but I think they are rebranded Jensen PIO. They got leaky over time and made noisy sounds (especially pop on mute) when the unit was warmed up for some time. A while back I put Dynamicap 4uF 425 V into my (then) ARC lS15, and they performed very well. That preamp still sings and is very solid (i've been using it as a long term loaner from a friend).
I've read that the Mundorf's need about 400 hours. I made 15 kohm (into signal ground) dummy loads for each phase on a female xlr chassis mount connector from newark. This is allowing me to run at unity gain and higher into a real load with zero stress on the amp. I installed them (it was fairly simple) on Friday, so I have a while to go...
The Dynamicaps and Hovalands are both a little zippy for me. The Auricaps are a little cleaner and more neutral.
Then there is Mundorf- cleaner, clearer and more detail without the zip.
Installed Mundorfs in my Modwright pre. Had a dealer install the Mundorfs instead of the Vcaps he sells. He said the Mundorfs were far cleaner and more detailed than his Vcaps.
Heard about the Mundorfs at the RMAF while listening to manufacurers discussing caps.