Which Multimeter for newbie.

Hey guys just wondering if there any good brand/model multimeter for bias purposes. I just got myself a new tube amp and want to make sure I get correct readings.
I recently bought a new Meterman 37XR. It includes inductance and capacitance functions and is easy to use. Still only $112 at tequipment.com.

Whatever you do go digital. Analogs are difficult to read.

Try a pawn shop. I bought a $180 Fluke digital multimeter for $20. Sure it was used and a little beaten but function is 100%.
I bought a bench Fluke 8050A digital multi-meter (pic) on eBay for $50 three years ago. This is an excellent DMM that is very accurate and durable.

They still sell for $30-50 these days. It is perfect for any DIY project or repairs.
That's a great idea Entrope! I should replace my cheapie Radio Shack meter.
A multimeter (Fluke 73-3) is a part of my everyday life.
Analog meters are still used daily in many shops and there is nothing wrong them.
For home use once every blue moon... there's no need to spend BIG $$$ for a meter. (More than $50 is a waste of money)
Cheap ($20-30) ANALOG multi meter.
The mirrored needle is more telling than a digital display of small variations in a signal if you should ever venture into more involved... metering(if that is a word).
Why on earth would anyone spend more than $100 on a meter simply to bias a tube amp?

Good luck!