Which multichannel SACD player?

I'm looking for the best multichannel SACD player which will also be used as a CD transport/player. My system is the following: B&K Ref 30 Pre-Amp; B&K Ref 7250 5ch Amp; Martin Logan Aerius i; Martin Logan Cinema; Martin Logan Scripts; and Velodyne HGS-10. Is there any multichannel SACD player which can double as a great cd player?
Yup, the new Sony XA777ES - excellent redbook and killer multi-channel SACD. Can be bought for around $2K (Oade Bros.)
The XA777es is outstanding in sacd and redbook. $1999 at qaudio.com
Although the Sony player may sound great, it might be worth your while to check out how the new Pioneer universal player (DV-47A) compares before deciding. A universal player, if it can be brought up to the same quality standard (mods?), would in the long run be a better bet.

I will look into the Sony XA-777ES. Are there any other SACD Multi-channel players I sould look?
No doubt the new 777 will be a great piece, but it goes for around $3000(probably a little less from someone like Oade Bros.). For me that's too much to pay for such a new technology that does not even have a digital connection yet. I would much rather buy one of Sony's cheaper players and have someone like Dan Wright, Stan Warren, or Ric Schultz(EVS) modify it(Ric is really going all out, even replacing the stock op amps with discrete FET output stages). Performance would likely come quite close to the 777 and you'll probably end up saving around $2000. My perspective is that in about two years the SACD players available will probably kick the crap out of everything available today both performance and feature wise, so I know I'll end up upgrading around then and will have much less buyers remorse with the modded unit--for what it's worth. Best of luck.

By the way, Pioneer's new Universal player converts all SACD to PCM, which defeats the purpose of the player in my view.

Oops, just read Flex's comments on another thread and it looks like Pioneer has addressed the SACD to PCM issue. I'm still skeptical about the first "Universal" players though(same issues as above) and would definitely wait a bit on those.

I can get the Sony 777-ES for U$ 1,825. What do you think? For this price maybe the Sony is the best buy for multichannel SACD/CD player.