Which multi channel amp Parasound or Theta?

I have many threads about my home theater / listening room. I am looking for a multi channel amp for movies and for stero sound. I like the parasound A51 or 52 and the Theta dreadnaught 2 and the intrepid? I am currently using the Parasound C2 and Tyler acoustics Linbrook 1 peice and Tyler Surrounds. Which amp ? Any others I should look at? Thanks Joe
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The Theta Dreadnaught is an awesomely musical multichannel and will produce the naunces of 2 channel better than the Parasound (make sure to break the parasound in like 800hrs before it starts to ease up, the JC-1's require 1400hrs).

After the breakin the Parasound should best the Rotel multichannels.
You might want to consider the Plineus Odeon as well. Extremely musical.