Which Multi-Channel Amp?

I'm setting up a 7.1 system with Totem Tribe in-wall speakers/subs and a Marantz AV7005 as the preamp/processor. I'm trying to decide which multi-channel power amp to get. I've heard the Marantz MM7055/MM7025 combo that's designed to match with the AV7005, but was not impressed. I thought the Arcam AVR400 receiver sounded better. I was told that the Arcam AVR400 is buggy with its HDMI and other processor issues. Here are some of the amps I'm considering, in no particular order:

1. Arcam P1000
2. Cary Cinema 7 (older version, btw, does anyone know if the newer Cary Model 7.125 is that much better?)
3. NAD T975
4. NAD M25
5. Anthem PVA7

Any other amps in the $1000-2000 range (used or new) I should consider that would pair well with the Marantz AV7005 and Totem?

Cary Dealer here******

Not 100% sure how it would match up with the Marantz, but the Cary 7.125 is a killer amp. Very nice top and mid-range sound. Good control of bottom end. Really nice all around.
I have a Wyred 4 Sound Mini MC-5 paired with my AV7005. Just like the AV7005, it's fully balanced and has a nice sound to it.
I have a Parasound A-51 running balanced from my Marantz 7005; sound is rich and full; the amp is a beast; weights around 80 lbs; 5 channels at 250 watts/; and runs a bit warm; but built like a tank; with sound quality and punch is spades...
Thanks for the responses, anyone else? Also anyone with experience with any of the models I listed?

Goldprintaudio, since you are a Cary dealer, any idea how the Cary 7.125 compares with the older Cary Cinema 7, which is available at almost 1/4 the price?
Sent you a quick email with further details.
ATI is a brand worth considering, in particular for multichannel amps, and they have a bit of a storefront right here on audiogon.
I looked into ATI, especially the ATI 2007. The impression I got from reading the reviews is that ATI amps seem very well built, offering lots of brute power, but might sound a little rougher and less refined/musical when compared to Arcam, Cary, or the NAD higher end stuff. Of course I've never heard the ATI amp in person so I don't know if the reviews were all true. I did get some reply back from Totem who told me that they usually had good synergy with Arcam and Cary amps when demo'ing their speakers. I know they also use 2 channel amps from Naim, Ayre, Simaudio Moon, and Plinius at times to drive their speakers at trade shows.
BTW, anyone with experience with both the Anthem PVA7 and the NAD T175 amps? How do they compare? I read a lot of decent reviews on both, wondering if one is better than the other.
I have the same question. I have a Cary 7b 7 channel amp which serves double duty for stereo and home theater. I like it, but am wondering if there is another amp, and I only need 5 channels which would give me better 2 channel sound. I have been considering the Cary Cinema 5 which I think is discontinued but am open to all suggestions.
Toddkamber, how's the Cary 7b in 2 channel setting? Have you had a chance to compare it with other amps before you bought it?
I have Sonics Allegretto two way floor standing speakers. Before the Cary, I tried a PS Audio HCA modded by Cullen and a B&K 5 channel amp. It sounded good with PS Audio, but I like the Cary better. The B&K sounded grainy. The speakers sound somewhat treble heavy in my listening room, so I need a warmer sounding amp which is why I have the Cary.

I was wondering if anyone has compared the Cary 7b to the Cinema 5 which has twice the power and in made in the USA or any other 5 channel amp. I am not unhappy with the Cary, but considering upgrading at some point.
Isn't Cary Cinema 7 made in USA? Or in China like everything else? I've been looking at a Cinema 7, the non "b" version. Are you using the balanced inputs? Are balanced inputs really better than the regular RCA inputs on the Cary? I heard on Arcam P1000 for example, even though it has balanced inputs, it's not a true balanced design.
Any other suggestions? Anyone familiar with both Cary and NAD sound? I was leaning toward the NAD M25, but couldn't seem to find an used or demo one for sale. I'm now looking at both NAD T975 and Cary Cinema 7B. NAD T975 is rated higher in wattage, but wondering how they sound compared to each other.
I recently got a B&K 5 channel amp (Reference 7250 Series II) to go with my Onkyo PR-SC885, and I am very taken with that amp. The 2 channel sound is quite nice, and it performs very well with 5 channel as well.