which multi-ch. SACD and 2ch/HTprocessor?

i am looking for opinions from people who were in my position.I am currently using a Classe SSP-600 and have had a Anthem D2 but it is mostly for HIGH SPL 2ch/sacd sound.My speakers are all PMC and have never tried Krell hts 7.1,Meridian,Theta,etc.
I have a 7ch Sim Audio Titan,Crown K2,but amps come and go with me(i am currently looking for some silver bryston 7/14 bsst).my budget is $2-3500 and prefer balance connectors.
thanks john
Why not considered Proceed AVP2, it's been known to have and believed me it does have outstanding 2ch/sacd sound. If you can find AVP2+6 option, then you hit the jackpot. I'll take Proceed AVP2 over Krell hts in a heart beat, and it's well within your $3500 budget.
thank you for your response.