Which monoblocks for bi-amping?

I need some relatively small monoblocks that would be suitable for bi-amping a pair of VR4.5's. They will be used to power the sub enclosures and the high frequency stackers will be powered by my SF Power 2SE. I have a specific location that I would like to place these new mono's and it dictates that they at least be relatively narrow; depth is not much of an issue.

I don't need earth moving power, but also don't want flea power. I'm guessing the 125W to 200W range should be sufficient.

I'd like to hear any suggestions that wouldn't cost more than $2k new or used and cheaper would suit me just fine.
Both Marantz and Parasound offer some pretty small, and relatively inexpensive mono's. I haven't heard them. And Classe' recently introduced (I think) 200 WPC tower type monos, but they might be out of your budget range unless you could find them used. Good Hunting. Craig
Albert Von Shcweikert uses a Bel Canto EVo200.2 and swears by it for all is VSAs speakers.I must admit that 120 watts seems to go a long way.since the eficiency of the 4.5s is similar to his new models that me a consideration.Used, you will be able to find them below 2k.
I just saw a pair of Monarchy Deluxe's for sale with the guy asking $900 for the pair ( GREAT price for the Deluxe's ). These do 100 @ 8 and 200 @ 4, sound very warm and smooth and would probably compliment your SF amps. Can't remember which site they were on, but it was one of the "big three" used audio sites... Sean
if you have space considerations, the Monarchy's run very HOT. They are Class-A amps and generate a lot of heat. If you can use them in your space, they are really nice amps.

Thanks for the responses. The Monarchy's look like they will fit the bill nicely.