Which monitors ?

Which under $2000 monitors do not require the purchase and the use - of a subwoofer ?
Thanks for your input.
I don't know of any monitor, but one, that doesn't need a subwoofer. As low as my M20s go, a sub is needed. I am waiting on Harmonic Precision's new monitor, the Caravelle. Subwoofer? I don't think so? Can't say this first hand; though the feedback, from reliable tympanics, is nothing less than phenominal. Forget about comparing the Caravelle to other monitors. We're talking comparable to floor standers of a very high $$/quality level. When I get these babies and listened up, I'll give you the low down. This is a very exciting, one of a kind speaker, that'll be here soon. peace, warren
Tannoy System 1200 (new street price around US$1600/pr.). Real professional studio monitors used widely for both mixing and playback.

Embarrasses most anything else in this price range. Sold only through pro audio dealers.

95 dB sensitivity makes them suitable for all but the tiniest SET power amps; 200 wrms power handling makes them suitable for the brawniest solid state behemoths.

They're finished in muted studio grey and black, so not necessarily the highest WAF factor.

Happy listening all!