which monitor for audio refinement int. amp?

i have a arc amp on the way which will paired witha rega planet 2000 for a system in my bedroom. i listen to mostly jazz of all genres and some rock, and i'm looking for a bookshelve speaker to suit my needs. i will be buying used with a budget of $700 but wanting to spend less than that.
i've done some research and have come up with some choices
JM Labs cobalt 806 & opal 607
Jean Marie Rey. twin mk ii or iii(shy on the base)
triangle titus or comete(kind of bright)
totem rokk
b&w CDM 1nt
spendor s3/5,s3/1
what do you guys think, any other suggestions.please help a newbie. thanks
B&W all the way. I had the same setup and I loved it. I think they are a great speaker and they can be had in your price range.
Kinima G1 from Zetagcorp. I have mine with an Audio Aero amp and cdp and Cardas wires. Go to the website or google for info.
I vote for Spendor or Harbeth.
Joseph Audio RM7si or Tyler Acoustic Taylo refs both about $300 more or less above your range, but a significant improvement over midline B&W's IMHO. I pair my JA's with Jupiter2000 and I5. Love it!
I thought the Totem Rokk's with the AR integrated were a very good match. I tried other speakers as well, but kept going back to the Totem's.
I currently have a pair of JMLab Cobalt 806 with my AR Complete int amp. I love the combination. I also have a REL Q150e sub. I think you'll be very happy with this combo.
Go with the Spendors - you will NOT be disappointed!
thanks guys for the input.what have you guys heard about the green mountain europas, it has been recomended a few times by some other people and how about meadowlark swift?
thanks in advance
Spend the money and buy the Europa's. Ancient Chinese proverb: Buy the best.....cry once.