Which Modwright 36.5 owner can help me out?

I have a somewhat exceptional request. I am considering buying a Modwright 36.5 for 2 channel sources. However, I also want to integrate this preamp with the multichannel preamp I am using for multi channel sources, without using the HT bypass. I would do this by calibrating the levels of the two preamps once, and then keeping the volumes in synch using a programmable remote.

For this to work, I need to ensure the volume increments on my MCH pream (1db), can be synched up with the Modwright. Long story short, I need to know how large the volume increase steps are on the 36.5 when operated through the remote. I asked Dan and he was not able to tell me. He did confirm that if the increments of the two amps are the same, this would work. Is there any Modwrigh 36.5 owner that can find out for me? If you have an SPL meter this is very simple to do. You just set up the SPL meter, increase the volume by say 10db and count how many steps on the remote it took you to do this, and calculate the one step increment.

I'm very likely to join the 36.5 club if the increments are exactly of very close to 1db or 0.5db.
I doubt you will be able to answer this question with any certainty. The remote control operates a motorized pot which does not increase or decrease the volume level exactly the same amount with every push of the button. Even a quick "click" of the volume control on the remote will produce a different volume increase (or decrease) than the same duration "click" the next time around. This may be why Dan was unable to answer your question satisfactorily. If he can't tell you then I doubt anyone can. All that said the 36.5 is a great linestage....
Thanks - you answered my question. I cannot use the 36.5 for this application and would need to use the HT bypass instead. I can do the integration trick with an Aesthetix and a BAT, so I'll have to decide which way I want to go.