which model vpi sds do I own?

I recently purchased a used vpi sds.The one that i received is 16x3.5x8 ins. in size and the faceplate of the unit is practicly flush with the sides of the unit.The ones that I have recently seen for sale is 19x3x12 in size and the faceplate extends past the unit on the sides.I would like to know if I have an older or newer model and is there any sonic differences or benefits in owning either one.[note] I have not audition the sds yet.
VPI website says 16x3x12 for the SDS size.
Yours is the newer version.
Its the newer version all right
I just checked with VPI. They said that the case was changed to eliminate the rack mount...other than that, the circuit/performance is the same as it was 10 years ago.
Can someone tell me which speed setting you use on a VPI turntable (i.e. which belt position) when using an SDS?

Does it matter?
Madfloyd...you set the settings by the use of a strobe. ..it depends on your house with its' particular electric power. As far as a belt position...the belt position on the tapered spindle is there to vary the speed. I would set it in a mid position, and use the SDS to vary the speed.