Which model USB and SPDIF (AES) digital cable you use?

Which model USB and SPDIF (AES) digital cable you use with Berkeley USB and Berkeley DA converter?
I use AudioQuest Diamond USB cable and Nordost Valhalla AES / EBU cable. They work well, but I wonder how would it sound like something else?
Berkeley DAC is a little darker. To fit AudioQuest Diamond, or Raven AES / EBU?
How much better AQ Wild and Well?
What are the other excellent digital cable?
Hi i am using Total dac usb, this is my 7th usb and i thik i wont change for any other usb cables, its the best i have heard. Before i had kimber, acoustic revive,transparent premieum, Synergestic , wireworld etc
I have found the DH Labs D-110 to be the best choice for performance and value.
Agree with ancaudio, this cable is definitely worth a try before you consider more expensive alternatives.