Which model Tannoy for my audio room

My dedicated audio room is 12 ft wide x 16 ft long x 7.5 ft high. There are no open walls, one door 36" wide in one corner.
The rear of the speakers would be parallel to the 12 ft wall.
I am interested in hearing from people that have listened to Tannoy's in similar to my room size.
I have (3) 300b amps, 8 watts , 15 watts and 26 watts. The 8 and 16 was are set mono's, the 26 is push/pull.
How big a Tannoy speaker can I use in my room ?
I listen to classical and rock on vinyl.

Any comments are appreciated.

I have a very similar room dimensions as yours and I use a Tannoy Turnberry SE. I have powered with various tube and SS amps. It is the right size for such a room IMO. I have also heard a Kensington and Stirling SE in similar rooms and all of them sounded extremely comfortable (without much of room treatments except some carpet and curtains around). Canterburry in such a room is borderline case definitely.
After much research and phone calls I decided to not purchase Tannoy's at this time.

I purchased the book "Get Better Sound " by Jim Smith.
I want to thank everyone for the reply's and in the future I may get them but for now I will work on my room .

This weekend I finished reading the book and I must say it is very good.
Without any other changes I moved my equipment back 2" against the front wall and moved my mono bloc's out of the corners and it is noticeable clearer and tighter edges not wow but it is noticeable.
Next will bed sound panels.

This book is highly recommended.

Thanks again,

Your bigger amps will drive the Westminsters. You have to go with them if you have the funds. A speaker to own for life. Canterburies, they are great, but the Westminsters are the stuff of dreams.
If I listened to everyone who told me, "That speaker is too big for your room," I would have had a much more impoverished audiophile experience.