Which model Bryston with Vandersteen?

I have Vandersteen 2ce Signature but sometime want to upgrade to 5a's. Which Bryston model would work well now with 2ce's but have enough power for future 5a's? I was looking at 4bsst.

I'd suggest you go with the Bryston 3BST or 3BSST for the 2's now and worry about amplifying the 5's when you get them.
if you get a three bryston and add two q subs by vandersteen you won't spend the money on five's buy music
The price difference for a used 3B-SST vs. a used 4B-SST is not large, and my long-term experience with Vandy speakers (any model) is that they perform better with more power rather than less. Therefore, I'd recommend the 4B-SST.

I am using a 4B-ST with my Vandy 3A Sig's, and intend to use it (or a 4B-SST) when I upgrade in the near future to the Vandy 5A's.
If it is a question of "when" you get the bigger Vandy's as opposed to "if" you get.... then pick the 4B-SST. If the price between the 3B-SST and 4B-SST is significant to you then consider a late edition 4B-ST instead. If you are uncertain about stepping up to a larger Vandersteen then you will still find the 3B-SST (or 3B-ST for that matter) delightful. If you KNOW you want something most expensive then save a little more and get it now. Fewer upgrades CAN be a good thing financially over the long run.
Thank you three for your advice. I have even been considering the Quattro but can't find any reviews on them. They are probably more in my price range for the near future. I know they are close to the 3a's in performance from what I read but having the subs included would fit better for my room.