Which MIT Speaker Cables?

MIT 770 Ultra Reference, 850 CVT Reference, 850 evo, 850 Oracle Evo, Oracle v4, Oracle V3, Oracle V2 bi-wire....????

I am using a pair of MIT 750 plus and would like to upgrade. What should I choose? (for connection between Avalon Eclipse and Rowland)
Get in touch with Joe Abrams at equusaudio@aol.com. He is very helpful und knowlegeable in matters MIT.
Yes definitely contact Joe Abrams & find out what he has available. His membername = joeabrams. I went from the 750+ to 750 Magnum biwire & am very happy with that; I was already pretty satisfied with the 750+ but the deal came up so I jumped right on it. He had the length I needed at an excellent price so looked no further. At this level probably any of the abovementioned cables would do very well for you.
vtin: since you don't have spectral electronics in your system, you're not legally or otherwise required to use mit cables. try something else. you'll be much happier. i recommend tara with avalons and jrdg. much more open, neutral and musical. -cfb
"I'd be much happier" and "you'll be much happier" are rather different statements. Do your own listening!
Cornfedboy as usual is right. Or maybe I should say I agree with him 100%. Spectral and MIT is magical. MIT with other electronics I have heard leaves much to be desired. If you take CFB advise you won't be sorry. CFB has been there and so have I. Take it for what it's worth. My best to you Vtin.
I went from the 750 plus to the the 770 push pull and the 350 push pull interconnects. I love it.
Vtin, do as Flex suggests, but don't fully discount Brulee's and CFB's advice. MIT cables are sound-shapers to the highest degree and must match in with your system. Pick the right ones, you'll be in heaven, pick the wrong ones and it is a match made in hell. That's why you need expert advice, if you want to go for MIT. Other than partly suggested above, in MO, it can be well worth your trouble.
Generalizations aren't good in anything but especially audio because of all the hundreds of variations, tastes, etc...MIT falls into that category with alot of posters. For me, MIT ic's don't work in my system, too warm, but the speaker cables interface my classe amp and Thiel speakers better than others I have tried, not an extensive list, but several other brands. The enjoyment level for me with this setup is completely satisfying. There are lots of MIT bashers on A'gon - listen for yourself and decide. It's all about synergy.
Vtin, a point I also wanted to make, I don't mean to imply that posters in this thread were bashing MIT, if you run through some history you will see MIT is a contraversial cable and the emotions run the gambit, there is very little middle ground, people either love em or hate em. With the right combo I think they can be magical, in my experience that absolutely applies to Thiels and Spectral equipment. Avalon and Rowland - you will have to be the judge, cfb I believe has extensive experience with your equipment so you've got a good opinion. But if your happy with your 750+ you owe yourself an audition if possible. good luck.