Which mit cable ???

Buongiorno, my name is Ruggero Bernasconi, writing from Italy and would want to ask a council to you care the interconnection cables. According to you it would be better a Mit Shotgun S1 like for the speaker cable or convene to go on the M1 like definitive choice. Thanks for your attention.

My Sistem
Cd Accuphase: dp 67
Preamplifier: Angstrom Reference
Power amp: Klimo Kent Gold
Speakers: ProAc D80
Speakercables: Mit Shotgun S1 Bi-Wire
If the inputs on your pre amp are fixed or buffered the M1's will not work well, however the S1's would be perfect.
Thanks !

I have decided to buy the Shotgun S1-

Have a nice day

You are welcome. That's a excellent choice....enjoy!