which McCormack amp for Paradigm Studio 60s?

I was wanting to try a McCormack amp with my Paradigm Studio 60 V.2 speakers and need the advice of some. I am going to buy used so the DNA 0.5, DNA 1, or DNA 125? Would you chose the same amp for Paradigm Studio 40 v.3. I am currently using a Denon 3802 as a processor and to power the other channels, but hope to upgrade that soon as well. I will be using a Hsu VTF-2 sub and like to listen loud.
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I've owned the McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe and used it and a Hsu VTF-2 with several pair of speakers, ProAcs, Thiels and Soliloquys. I can't imagine that the 0.5 wouldn't be more than adequate for the Paradigms and at current used prices the 0.5 is an incredible bargain. I don't think the extra money you'd spend on a DNA 1 or 125 would get you much unless you upgraded beyond the Paradigms.
I agree, I had a DNA 0.5 before I switched to tubes. It really is a wonderful amp. I personally have never heard the DNA 1.0 or the 125, but I can't image needing much more than a .5 anyway. Besides if you ever want more than a single DNA 0.5 will give you, buy a second one and send them to Steve McCormack and have them converted to monoblocks. Orginally that was my game plan, before becoming addicted to tubes.....