Which MC to use

I have a choice of several MC cartridges that I can use in my ET2 arm which sits on an older VPI TNT and would appreciate comments. My step up is a BAT VK P5 and I am driving Dali Diva Grand speakers with a NAD T175 / T763.

I am currently using a Monster Cable Genesis 1000.

I also have a Denon DL103D, Madrigal Carnegie One, and a Shinon Red. Would any of these be an improvement over the Genesis?
Why don't you just try each one of them, which ever one sounds best to you you leave in, till you want something different, then do it again :-)

Good listening

Because its a pain to set them up in the ET and I suspect I would be back to the Genesis before long.

In other words I suspect the Genesis is the best of the bunch but would like to hear other opinions.
I have used both the Denon and Madrigal as well as the Monster. While the Madrigal is nice, I much preferred the Monster overall.
I use a Denon Dl-S1 (7 grams) with my ET2 arm no problem, I have used the Carnegie One for years (it is an old cartridge).
The ET2 lists cartrides from 7 to 15 grams. I would stay at 7 to 12 grams. they list it's complinace is from 7 to 20.
The heavery the catridge the more weights, you will have to put on. They recommened that the weigh stay between the 3 and the 6 on bar scale for best rsults.
Joe Nies