Which MC for my setup?

My current vinyl rig consists of a VPI classic fitted with a Orotfon 2M Black and a Whest P30R phono pre. I am looking to try out a MC cart in the $1000 price range or less. While I like the 2M, it seems a little bright at times on classic rock albums. I mainly listen to classic rock and blues.
I have the Benz Micro Glider SL and I find it to be very neutral (not warm or bright) and musical. When I purchased it earlier this year it was still listing for $1,000 but I think the price has gone up a few hundred $ now. Here are a few reviews:

http://www.hifizine.com/2011/03/benz-micro-glider-sl-cartridge/ (review of the SL, low output version which I own and tested with the VPI Classic)
http://www.avguide.com/review/tested-benz-micro-glider-sm-phono-cartridge (review of the SM, the medium output version)
Hard to say without knowing what the rest of your systems is..
Dynavector 20x2
Try the sublime Soundsmith VPI Zephyr, you won't be sorry.
Thanks for the replies so far. Here is the rest of my analogue setup:
The Whest runs balanced out to Cary SLP 03 tube pre, balanced to Spectron Musician III Se amp with B&W 802D speakers.
AT 33 EV. I use one and two of my friends bought them after hearing mine. One of them while he was waiting for the Koetsu Vermillion I ordered for him was getting here from Japan. We were recently comparing his Tron 7 phono stage with my Basis Exclusive on my system and the 33 was good enough to reveal the differences between them. It doesn't get any respect as you can get them from J&R for $400, too cheap for a lot of audiophiles. Also Denon 304, another great cartridge at a bargain price. The Dynavector is very good also; I mention them last as I sell them and didn't want to show favoritism. LOL
Davey has recordings of several MC cartridges. They alow you to hear the difference between them. in another section of his website it has the same recordings with a 2M Black so you can see the difference between your cartridge and the MC. I used the recordings and put in an order for a Dennon DL-S1.

A Benz for some romance or the Dynavector 17 for speed & transparency.
The Ortofon Rondo Blue ($800) is an awesome cart for rock albums and if loaded properly you will get extended (but not bright) treble, strong bass and a very prominent natural and uncolored midrange.
in your price range, try a Lyra Delos or Ortofon Kontrapunkt B or Dynavector 17d3. May have to buy used to get down to $1000 like I did.
You might want to look at the Denon DL-S1. It is Denon's top of the line cartridge. I have been using the DL-S1 for about 8 years now.
Graet cartridge, never seen a review about it.
Go over to Audio Asylum, there have been a few trends on this cartridge. About $1000.00
Joe Nies
Benz and Dyna cartridges work very well with the VPI arm