Which Martin Logan Speakers should I buy?

I love the sound of the Logans and am trying to decide between the Ascent and the Odyssey. My listening room is 20 feet wide and 14 feet deep, with an 8 foot ceiling. I enjoy home theater, but also listen to music quite a bit.

Also, how do I find a seller for a reasonable price used, now that the "wanted to buy" section has been eliminated?
I have the Odyssey's and could not be happier. I tried both the Odyssey's and the Prodigy's before buying. The Odyssey's were hands down a better sounding speaker. I also use the Marting Logan Theater center speaker (It's the best) and Aeon's for the rear surrounds. I probably listen to 60% theater, 40% audio. Martin Logan makes a great speaker. You won't be disappointed, but make sure you use quality components with them. The right amplifier and cables can make a huge difference with any speaker, but expecially with electrostatics.
In that size room the Ascents would probably be plenty - I own the Odysseys and my room is 20x18x12 foot ceilings - the Odyssey is a better sounding speaker in the bottom end though if you want to spend the extra money - be careful if someone is shipping in the original Odyssey box - they are not very sturdy for repeated shipments. Check on the Audiogon site or pay $2.00 to post a wanted ad via the regular route of classifieds - only put wanted in one of the boxes. Also check with Audio-Video Logic on this site for demos.
I second Simancd's recommendation of the Odyssey for Mm2862's room, as well as his advice that amplifier and cable matching make an especially big difference with electrostats. Just curious, Simancd, what amps and cables have you found to work well with your Martin Logans? I own and sell electrostats, and I'm always interested in the experiences and impressions of fellow electrostatophiles.
I would go for the ODDSSEYS,I used to have the SEQUELS.Great speakers.
I also vote for the Odysseys. My room is the SAME size as yours, and I had Sequels before! You will love the Odyssey, especially after the break in period! Good luck.
seems nobody mentions what kind of amp you have ..very very important on electrostats
I have the Sherborn 5/1500 with the Lexicon MC-12B processor.
I have a pair of Odysseys in a similar size room and they work great. I felt that the physical size of the Odysseys (theyre about 3 inches narrower and use a smaller bass driver) was better for this size room than the Prodigys. I'm using a Pass X250 amp, and it seems to drive them very well. The Pass is claimed to be stable into all loads, which is the main reason I bought it for the MLs. Cables are an issue I haven't yet addressed -- the ML's reportedly like bi-wiring and my current cables aren't. Anyone have a good recommendation for cabling these speakers?