which male RCA is the best interm of SQ and easy t

I have one Stereovox Draco 2.4 m and would like to reterminate into 3 pairs. I wonder which RCA connectors to be use to get the best sound quality, price and easy to use and assemble (all these have similar prices)
1. Eichmann Silver
2. WBT nextgen
3. Vampire Wire 800
4. Furutech FP 106(R) or 120 (R)
does the size of the cable have effedt on chooseing RCA connector because usually it accept up to 9.3 mm cable diameter except Furutech FP120(R) may accet 12.3mm cable. If we use bigger connector with smaller cable will there be a problem
Be aware that the Eichmann do not like a lot of heat - especially on the neutral side and even though they can take a fairly thick cable, there is no cable support inside the screw-on barrel.

Other than that they are easy to connect as long as the wires are small gauge

They are the best performing RCA's I have used to date - seems that their design point of a small neutral contact works extremely well.
1. Eichmann Silver
Not on your list, but Aural Thrills gets top marks for sonic in my world.
I have Rodium bananas from Hidiamond. Extremely high quality locking bananas. Easy to terminate. Take very high gauge wire.
Big cable? Look into Cardas.
I have found the Silver Tube Reference RCA by Wireworld to be a fantastic, transparent sounding male plug. It is the same plug they use for their interconnects. Direct heavy silver plating over HPC with Teflon dielectric. The signal conductor being a tube has far less mass ala Eichmann. 11.5mm. $100.00 for a set of four.