Which Lyra Helicon?

I'm getting into vinyl in a big way, just purchased extended Aries w/JMW 12.5 tonearm.... now, I need a cartridge and phono pre-amp.

I've pretty much decided on a Lyra Helikon, but unsure about whether to get the .4mv or the super low output one (2.3mv?)

What should I do?

For now, budget says Grado Phono pre-amp.... or? suggestions?

Thanks, in advance.

0.4mv is a more practical choice. The lower output version is called "SL" and output is rated at 0.22mv not 2.3mv. Unless your future phono preamp has AT LEAST 80db of gain (very hard to find these days new or used) then you may consider the 0.22mv version. The SL version has purer sound compared to the standard version. At $2195, the SL is worth every penny in my opinion.
Audiomax, have you compared the SL to a Transfiguration Temper Supreme?
I don’t think the SL really requires a phono amp with 80 db gain. I am using a standard Helikon with a Krell KPE which has 64db gain and I normally listen at –10db to –6db (10 db to 6 db below unity gain) volume level on the BAT VK-50SE. That means if I bypassed the preamp it would be 6 to 10 db louder. The difference between a Helikon standard and a SL is about 6db. So a low-noise phono amp with gains in the high 60 to low 70 should be enough in most situations.
Every low output MC is better than it's higher ' brother '.
Here it is the same.

But when you don't have a real good phono stage, I think, you will have more satisfaction with the high output Helikon.
Lyra systems are recommended with a MC 47K load, the next step for a phono section.

These systems are designed for serious users.
At .5mv sensitivity in MC mode the Grado phono stage is going to be a bad match to the lower output version and, depending on the rest of the system, and your sensitivity to noise, may even prove a problem with the higher output version. I think that in the price range the Phenomena could take either, but it's not my favorite cuppa tea. A better idea might be to use a MM phono stage, like the Grado in low gain and use an MC transformer ahead of it. Transformers are dead quiet and an excellent way to step up gain for a MC cartridge. Many of the nicer ones can be had quite inexpensively on this site. Just my 2 cents.
Is the SL ok with EAR 834p (68 db gain/47K load)?
Should be silent.

( I need for my Miyabi ( 0.22mV ) 60 dB and 47k )