Which Line Conditioner?

I am looking for some suggestions and advice from you experienced audio people on power line conditioners. I want to replace my current line conditioners to use a single unit for all components. I have been considering the Tice Elite 3 because of its capicity for multiple components and price (plus it looks nice, you know that wife thing). However I dont think it will accomodate the power consumption of my amps, or will it? (LLano Design A-300 mono amps, 285 Watts at idle each) Do I need to use a seperate Line Conditioner just for the amps? Don't use a conditioner at all for the amps? Any suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for this thread, has anyone experience Jack Bybee's AC products? http//bybeetech.com describes some superconductivity/quantum physics/secret sonar technologies in combo. But have not tried.
Check out the Exact Power 2000 at www.exactpower.com. It is a 2000 watt unit that I have heard and it is very good. It should handle all of your equipment. I believe that they offer a 30 day audition and this is the ONLY way that you can evaluate any of this stuff. In your house on your system!!
Dedicated lines are the only way to go as mentioned above.I think alot of the VansEver products and the Unlimiter would be great for your amps on its own dedicated line and a PS Audio PP-300 Power Plant would be ideal for the rest of your gear on its own dedicated line.Your amps will sound best with their own dedicated line as will the rest of your system with its own line. Happy listening.
I have to agree that if you can get a dedicated line, go for it. I do not think you should then skip the power conditioner. If your neighbor who gets his power before you do has power tools for a hobby, the dedicated line will give the electrical pollution he creates a more direct line to your system. Stay away from the mass market conditions like Adcom, Panamax & Monster. I guess I keep singing Mike Vansevers praises, but he agrees with all the negative comments by some here and has tried to design products that don't limit power, etc, etc.
Thank you all for all the suggestions. It is really interesting hearing all the differences of opinion. Now, for the hard part. Which one to try. I am going to start with a dedicated power line for the amps. The next question is, does the rest of the equipment need to run through a Line Conditioner are run direct on a seperate line? However, I think I will still check out VansEvers and Wattmate just for the %$#@ of it. Has anyone tried one of the Wattmate units?