Which line conditioner is best for my situation?

I am getting Mag 3.6's (maybe 3.7's) Will probably run a SS amp like a Bryston 4B-SST2. Am considering adding a tube preamp to sweeten the sound. I have a dedicated AC line circuit (20 amps). One stereo salesman says just to get a Richard Gray RGP 400 which lists at about $800. Another salesman says to get a Furman 20i at considerably more money. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks. Laurence.
Curious. I own those: Magnepan 3.6, Bryston 4B-SST2 and the Furman REF20i (got my Furman here, used, and was able to go pick it up!)
I have the Bryston BP-26 and the Phono Bryston BP-1.5.
I do use a VAC standard as a tube buffer for my DAC.
If you are going to buy new, definitely wait and get the 3.7s March or April 2011 they are supposed to ship. The 3.7s have already made a great impression at the most recent audio show.
As for the amp, a lot of Maggies users say Bryston is the best in combination with the Maggies. I have to agree.
I would have purchased an Audio Research preamp (I have already got an Audio Research Sp-15. but the Bryston preamp is better than the Sp-15. and a ARC Ref 3 was thousands more, even if used)
The Furman is a good combo with the Bryston. I paid way less than half price.. The REF20i has the 'power factor' (a giant stiffening cap) to keep the A/C line from sagging. (you should be able to buy even a new one for $2,500. as they have a bigger than usual markup retail.)
I love my setup. (though i am tempted to go for the 3.7s!!)
I have used passive PS Audio and Monster Cable conditioners and recently tried out (hope to purchase soon) a Shunyata Hydra. The Hydra easily bested the previous products I have tried. I would throw a shunyata conditioner in with your options as well.
Another vote for Shuyada . You can't go far wrong there .
I would get a Pure Power 2000 or 1050. They both regenerate a clean AC signal, have battery back-up, and protect against surges. It is generally much better to have clean AC power than it is to passively treat the incoming power.

IMO, Shunyata Hydra - no contest. Re: amp, you might consider a Pass Labs (different models, e.g., 150, 150.5, 250, 250.5)- will add a bit of sweetness while retaining great dynamics and transparency.
AUDIENCE A6-TS wonderful unit quiet great stage wonderful bass.