Which laptop to stream Spotify to integrated amp via DAC?

I’d like to get the cheapest laptop possible to stream Spotify via DAC to my integrated amp.

Is it safe enough to buy a 2013-era Macbook Air or notebook be safe enough in terms of its OS not becoming too old to support this, or should I buy a brand new one? It just needs Wifi (for Spotify Connect) and one USB port. Do I need to care about the quality of the laptop’s soundcard?

And I assume a Chromebook wouldn't work since it's not a Windows OS.
Have you considered an Intel Nuc?
I recently bought a new MacBook Air with SSD for $1k.  Absolutely quiet and sounds phenomenal using MacBook Air -> Tidal ->  Audirvana -> Hegel HD25. 
You don't need to care about the laptop's sound card if you intend to use USB.

Is the laptop's sole purpose going to be for Spotify playback? If so, you might want to look at a Sonore Microrendu or other NAA that supports Spotify connect. 
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Thanks for the information. I download Spotify Music Converter that you guys recommend, it can helps me to convert Spotify songs as local files then stream Spotify to the integrated AMP via the DAC.
I was using a 2010 Windows 10 machine for streaming Spotify using Connect. I don't know the apple world. But if Spotify is all you need, you are fine with that 2013 machine, provided Spotify is compatible with the OS on that machine. For example Tidal's latest version of app is not compatible on my vintage ipad mini.