Which Lamm Amp for USHER BE-10

Which LAMM Amp would be best suited to mate with an USHER BE-10? The M1.2 Ref or the ML2.1? Currently I use Belles MB 200 Mono blocks and Supratek Cabernet for the pre.
Whichever you like the most and can afford to buy. These amps are so much more money than Belles so I can't be sure if your dreaming or are for real.
I had the Usher AC 10 for awhile. They were very good speakers, but the BE 10 I'm told are a bit more flexible, in that they mate more readily with tubes, or solid state. I have the Lamm ML 1.1, and I can tell you it is an outstanding amplifier. Very natural sounding, broad soundstage, with great mid range magic. I'm sure they would be a very good match for you if you're looking for tubes. The ML 1.1 amp is discontinued, but if you're patient you may find a pair here on the 'Gon at a reasonable price.
I am using M2.2 with Be-20. I am not sure about Be-10 but I heard Be-20 with Lamm ML2.1. I think it really depends on how big your room is and what type of music you listen to. With ML2.1, vocal music, small acoustic band sounds great. However, ML 2.1 could not really drive Be-20 adequately for large symphonic piece, pop/rock etc. Although Be-20 is supposed to be quite easy to drive, with 90 dB/1watt/1m (Be-10 is 89 db/1watt/1m), it thrives on high power amplifier. Some of my friends use Plinius amplifers with Be-20 and Be-10 and they all ended up prefering using A/AB mode for more power over pure class A mode. That was why I decided on M2.1 over M1.2 Reference.