Which label printer for jewel case edge?

I am transferring a bunch of CD's from albums with sleeves into jewel cases. To save space, I would prefer to use the thinner jewel cases, as opposed to the standard CD size. Does anyone know which label printer will print text small enough to run the title/artist on the edge? I don't need the program for graphics, etc., just a small/tiny text printer.
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I would think pretty much any ink jet printer would do the trick but, you run the risk of smudging it. Why not just get a cheap laser printer and the appropriate Avery labels? Now you can print documents as well as labels. Good luck.
I like the thin cases too, but I can't figure ot what "edge" you mean? As far as I can tell, they dont have a place for an edge "flap" part of the label like the regular jewel cases, just some tabs inside the lid for a front-facing label. What am I missing here?
I use a small "Brother" label printer I got at Best Buy for around $20 to $30. It prints several lettering sizes and does a perfect job of creating labels for the narow CD-Rom cases.
The machine is green plastic, with a full small keyboard on its face. The tapes it uses are available in a bunch of colors. It uses ? six AA batteries.
The labels stick best when an additional clear tape is placed over them, as the plastic of the CD-Rom cases lets the Brother labels come loose over time. Using a clear tape cover over the label and extending a bit beyond keeps the label in place.
The Brother machine is perfect for what you want.
Also the Brother machines are at WalMart. And some office supply stores.
But buy PLENTY of tape refills, because often, the refills are sold out.
The tape refills are expensive, but I have a dozen spares in different colors... cuz you never know when you gotta' go label crazy.
Also the white labels wind up with black lettering, etc.. very professional looking.
Wait a minute: Are you all saying the labels go on the outside of the case and sort of wrap around the edge? Even with clear tape, a la Elizabeth, does this method hold up to wear -- with the labels on the outside I mean?
Thank you, Elizabeth. I'll go to Best Buy today.

Nsgarch, I'm talking about the plastic edge of the jewel case, the one you look at to read the title of the CD when it's on the rack.

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