Which Krell cd ... md20, kps20t or dt10

Thoughts and opinions please, I've had no exposure to these units and can't find that much info on the web. Has anyone made comparisons between these players or had some experience... which is the better player and why.... thanks in advance, nick
dt10 is there best transport ever, but very few were made, so parts could be a big problem.

replacement transport for the kps are very expensive.

md20 is the less expensive version of the md10, which was there most beautiful transport ever.
The Md-20 is a great unit, the MD-10 and then the MD-10R was a md-20 on steroids, The DT-10 was the drawer loaded unit that like the md-10r offers the special clocking output, for a Ref-64 D/A. That was and still is an incredible combination. This probably represents some of the best (non Amplifier) product that Krell ever engineered

I can not comment on the KPS-20T as I have never heard one or examined it's features.

My advice to you is that these units sound great, but you need to be concerned about what to do if you ever require repair. Call Krell and get the lowdown from Patrick on any units you are contemplating on purchasing and then make your decision.

If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to e-mail me privately.


Forget about the Krell product, consider some thing else or you will regret, they player alway had reading problem and never got fix.
Thanks all for your time and input, appreciated, Nick