Which Kimber comparable to Acoustic Zen Satori

Which Kimber speaker cable is comparable to AZ Satori? I was reading the rave reviews about the Satori, is it that good? Does it mate well with Focal Chorus 816V? I have Focal and Arcam gears and was thinking of getting the Satori. Please advise.
Just wanted to mention to all the Audiogoners out there that there is fake kimber kables being sold on this site. I recently purchased some Kimber 4TC from a member here who has an unusual amount of kimber on sale here. I sent my speaker cables to Kimber for verification, and they said it was counterfeit. In fact, Kimber said this member is an unreputable seller. The member I got it from goes by two different names on Audiogon. Feel free to email me for more details.
I tried to, but they said to file a dispute with the person I purchased it from. By the way, if you look at all the kimber ads, they are predominantly from two people (which I think is the same person) from Alameda, CA. The weird thing is that the cables shipped from Illinois even though the person is in CA. The majority of these cables are fakes from China.