Which JBL 4300 series speaker is recommended?

Looking for a JBL speaker system for a second system to play mostly rock music.. There are lots of 4311 and 4312 speakers available. Which of the series are recommended or are there any others that would be recommended instead. Not looking to spend an exorbitant amount but am flexible.
Is the 4311 a medium size monitor? I use to own a 4343
many many years ago.This speaker was a huge 4 way.The 4311
I'm sure can play very loud.I use to hear them with the DJ's
during the Disco Era,running them with Phase Linear Amps and preamps.I'm surprised they still make them.
all the above are about the size of a large advent or klipsch heresy.they play well with ss or tubes. the 4312 was used to monitor the recordings of many of the classic rock and jazz of the 1970's....the studio equal to the century 100.
The 4311 is L100 size. There is a JBL Fanatic website out there Called Lansing Heritage I believe do a search and check them out, Well worth the time
4311 should be the old L-100.. the older models 4311 have the alnico drivers, and some prefer the older midrange driver with the inverted dust cap. I prefer the better woofer of the L-166 and recommend that model.. you should be able to find a pair on ebay for around $400.
Thanks for the responses. I am leaning toward the 4312 model but am intrigued by the alnico drivers of 4311. Will be driving with a tube integrated amp.
I listen to both 4311's and 4312's.

The 4311 was the speaker that allowed JBL to corner the professional monitor market. At one time 8 out of 10 studios used 4311's so chances are that rock album you want to listen to was mixed with 4311's. Because of this dominance, JBL decided to create a home version and cash in on the 4311's popularity and the L100 was born.

I prefer the 4312's becaues they seem to have more presence and sound stage. The 4312B's introduced the tituanium drivers. I had a pair of 4312B's but felt the 4312s were more neutral.