Which James Bond Theme Recording

I can’t remember whose “system” I was looking at here on AGon, but that particular member created his site with audio capabilities. One of the songs being played at this member’s “site” was a version of the James Bond Theme. It would be great to know what that particular version is, but I am also interested in knowing what other members feel are great JB performances/recordings.

Paul McCartney & Wings-Live and Let Die

Duran Duran-View to a Kill
I second Mofimadness and woudl add the "orginal theme" from Dr No perfromed by John Barry & Co. and also "From Russia With Love".

FWIW - desppiet the racial overtones in Live and Let Die - I still think the apoplectic Louisianna Sheriff that keeps trashing squad cars is one of the funniest sub plots of any of the Bond movies....
The Sheriff shows up again in "The Man with the Golden Gun" and is just as funny.
"Diamonds Are Forever" (Shriley Bassey) drips with style and class and has always stood out for me among all Bond themes. Also by Shirley Bassey, "Goldfinger" deserves mention as another Bond theme song with great style and class. In fact I believe Ms Bassey is the only recording artist to do the theme song for more than one Bond movie, a testament to her greatness. I cheated and checked Wikipedia. There was a 3rd Bond theme song by her for "Moonraker," which cannot compare to the songs mentioned above.
John Zorn from the album "Naked City" did the James Bond theme with Bill Frisell on guitar. It is the version to end all versions.
Sex Mob!! "Does Bond", "Din Of Inequity" Dynamic, different.
Take a listen to Live and Let Die from Din of Inequity
Propellerheads on Decksandrumsandrockandroll "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" all infectious, quirky, speaker workouts.
Also the theme from "You Only Live Twice" and "All Time High" performed by Rita Coolidge from "Octopussy" are two of my favorite Bond related works.
Carly Simon "the spy who loved me" Nobody does it better.
Casino Royale!
Goldfinger. Listen to Pussy Galore.
I cannot imagine any self-respecting audiophile Bond-fan not having all of the original theme music. I thought the Casino Royale theme was pretty well done. I also like the Dr No and FRWL themes. Among covers, there are lots out there, from Din of Inequity's, note above, to my favorite album of Bond music covers, Count Basie's redo of the major tunes out of the first four movies (original album cut in 1964-65 or so, and re-released several years ago) - great big band version.
How about being a Slave to the Rhythm? Notably one of the better Bond adversaries unless you prefer Jaws!
I still like Goldfinger the best. Shirley Bassey's range is just phenomenal!
Whenever I feel that spy-thing coming on, I pull out my trusty old: "The best of James Bond 30th Anniversary edition". A nice 2cd set. It contains two versions of "Mr. Kiss-Kiss Bang Bang". While Dionne Warwick sings a nice song, Shirley Bassey sings it as if she actually had her brains f***** out by Mr.007. Another way of putting it might be that Dionne dated the Roger Moore 007 and Shirley dated the Sean Connery 007.
I have most of the original soundtracks on CD, some are better than others but that is subjective:

My top three tracks are:

#1) The Spy Who Loved Me track #5 Nobody Does It Better (instrumental), you can hear Hamlish really pound on the paino keys, great orchestra, and a sence that this was recorded in a very large high ceiling room.

#2) A View to a Kill track #4 Bond meets Stacey, this is an instrumental cut of A view to a Kill. Incredible dynamics and orchestral arrangement.

#3) The Living Daylights track #5 Kara Meets Bond. You can hear the person playing the flute breathing in between the notes.

All the John Barry scores are great. Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger and the From Russia With Love are two of my favorites. Also, no self-respecting Bond fan/audiophile can be without the soundtrack of Casino Royale, which is still to this day considered one of the best engineered sound recordings in history, for very good reasons. The original release, that is, which I was lucky enough to have found in a bookstore once for almost nothing. I have seen it for $80 in a catalog, and that was probably ten years ago now.
The Kiss of Death... from Mista Goooooldfinnnnguh...
I have soundtracks Diamonds Are Forever, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and You Only Live Twice. Great stuff.

It's through the the Bond films that I got turned on to Shirley Bassey. She is incredible!

My favorite live version of Goldfinger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51Wg6k9cWhM
Nyctc7, wow. That's great. I had not seen that version. Thanks.
Maist JB saarndtwacks ur Jack n' Danny, Barry.
(Which iss ter say, shoite.)

Yew wans brazin brass an' greyt recording qualitay o' the Ray Martin oar (ewen bettah) Roland Shaw Orchestra recuts.

Sounds Orchestral Meet James Bond iss a goodun'. Unique coz dems jazzifrys it almaist beyunt rekkernitioon.

Billy Strange Secret Agent Man collection is a guid frow alser.
Goldfinger!!! I also like Dame Shirley Bassey's vocals on Diamonds Are Forever.
In my opinion everybody should have all James Bond themes in their music collection. Their great for parties...especially if the theme of the party is "James Bond" :p
I was listening to "James Bond with Bongos" off the original UA vinly soundtrack recording of "From Russia With Love" and this version of the Bond Theme was pretty awesome in every way! They don't make'em like that anymore!
I have all the lp soundtracks for the Connerey, Moore and Lazenby (On Her Majesties Secret Service) Bond's. Great music, I love Shirley Bassey and Casino is great. I guess Bassey/Goldfinger is my favorite, I love the movies also but you can have the newer ones. Bond ended with Roger Moores exit in my eyes. I have seen all the films after moore and none were very special in my mind. I'll take Goldfinger or Dr. NO. They were so exotic for their time and who's better than Connerey.
Sorry to get off track.
RevOrganDrum, "James Bond Theme". These guys, Jim Heath (guitar; better known as Reverend Horton Heat), Tim Alexander (Hammond organ) and Todd Soesbe (drums) put out a lot of fun, roots music and would be a gas to see live.

That sounds awesome!

Gotta look that one up.

Love the Rev. HH and the Hammond organ!
Blondie does James Bond. Debbie Harry and company wrote and recorded "For your eyes only" for the movie but was dropped due to some contractual reasons. It is a completely different song, cool lyrics and very "James-Bond-ish" compared to the Sheena Easton version. Search for it in YouTube. Cheers.
Does anyone know of a specific place where I could look to find the LPs of the soundtracks? I have quite a few of the CDs, but would like them on vinyl too.

BTW, I think my favorite track is Cafe Martinique from the Thunderball OST.
Does anyone know of a specific place where I could look to find the LPs of the soundtracks?

Ebay. I've picked up several there of late in excellent condition for reasonable cost.