which is your opinion about the new Halcro preamp?

And how it relates to the others big ones as Boulder. Sorry, which are these big ones for you? thanks
I think it's ugly but I haven't heard it.
I heard it briefly, for a hour or so. LP's only. The DM10 through the Halcro monoblocks (not sure the model) Wilson Maxx's, SME 10 table, Lyra Helikon cartridge. Trans Ref cabling.

All I can say is wow. Most quiet thing I've ever heard (or not). I'm used to all top of the line BAT gear, and I have 2 friends who both run Aesthetix Callisto's and Io's. So,I'm no stranger to good front end equipment. Not quite as liquid and smooth as tubes...but it does everything else equal or better.

I'd have to hear it in my system to know for sure, but it's up there.

Sorry, I've never heard the Boulder gear...
The Halcro gear in general, is an epiphany. After 25 years of listening to, or hearing about the best electronics around and the other overstated reviews; I was only prepared for a different flavor, if you will, of the same basic sound. My God, what a pair of pieces!! They set a standard which I did not think possible. When we hooked them up for a friend, he was moved to tears, literally, and my wife who basically couldn't care less, was stunned. I was, flaberghasted. It was so much better than any other electronics I have EVER EXPERIENCED. It took complete control of the speakers in a way that was remarkably different.
Now least you think I am a beginner, I am, former Director of Sales for THIEL Audio, Past, President, Emeritus, Von Schweikert Audio, and a high end store owner for 11 years. So I have heard gear all over the United States,with all kinds of equipment. The Halcro is easily the best I have come in contact with.
In the review of the products, (Paul Bolin) paraphrased the great author, futurist Arthur C. Clarke,in saying, and I will attempt to paraphrase his paraphrase: "Any time a technology is sufficiently superior to that which is known to exist, it can almost be viewed as being "magic"."
Before having heard these myself, I would have thought, that the review was simply more metaphoric magic. NOT SO!!
Halcro literally sets a new standard. Now, for all those out there who are going to say, "well it should for the price," I agree, but, IT DOES. When you lay down your money for Halcro, you are buying bonafide WONDERFUL.
If you want more rants and raves or info, email me personally lrsky@insightbb.com
There was a review by Martin Colloms in a last issue of HFN & RR.

He found it to be averange sounding preamp for the (high) price.
Had the Liberty to audition the Halcro 10 preamp in my system. I was running a Wadia 861 directly into the new Edge 6 power amp w/Sonus Grand piano speakers and NBS middle line cables and P/cords . Then I ran it threw the Halcro preamp.I thought there would be a minor change in the sound.But it sounded Hell of lot better , more transparent ,more define exspecially in the bass , midds came out of no where, the best preamp I have heard period.Let me check my Lottery ticket and I will get back to your.
heard it with the halcro amp( great ss amp) and was not impressed with the pre at all. subsituted a bat pre @ 1/2 the price and the bat SMOKED the halcro pre.

i did like the halcro amp but i was very shocked that halcro would introduce the pre piece that sounded that bad. may'be "bad" is too strong of word....i'll just say imo the preamp is nowhere near the level of the amp

they should be a little embarassed considering the price and level of performance of their amps...the amps are HOT the pre is NOT

best regards,

Any one heard of Century 21 A45 integrated amp? I need info on this? It is a Chinese integrated (pure Class A).

How in the some time someone could claim that it (DM10) was magic and somebody else be so unimpressed.
Is it only big difference in tastes?